We manage a small series of on-going programs which focus on educational grants, public arts programs and environmental projects.


HaganArts fine arts program, centered on art education, public exhibits and collaborating with leading artists.

Georgia Ensemble Theater
ongoing patronage

Georgia Symphony Orchestra
ongoing patronage

Live Lab Atlanta
w/ Magnum Photos + High Museum of Atlanta

Roswell In Focus (Currently Exhibiting)
w/ Getty Images, City of Roswell

Rossin (In Development)
w/ Booth Museum

HFF Nature

A brand new short documentary produced for Beaver Trust, following science communicator Sophie Pavelle on a journey of discovery, as she visits sites around Britain where beavers have been reintroduced. Meeting the extraordinary people behind their story so far, this film explores what a future might look like, with beavers living wild in our landscapes and rivers across Britain.
Written & produced by: Nina Constable Media Presenter: Sophie Pavelle
Executive producer: James Wallace (Beaver Trust CEO)
Partners: The European Nature Trust, Hagan Family Foundation

Watch The Film

Hagan Family Education

Hagan Family Challenge (2017 – 2020)
The “Hagan Family Challenge” will match dollar-for-dollar; donations of $100 or more from new donors, any donation of $1000 or more and pledges of $250 (per year) for five years.

CDA | The Children’s Development Academy

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